05avr. 2016

CleanCoder : Giving up on TDD

Ou pourquoi certains dév abandonnent TDD par Uncle Bob Martin.

Ce post est une mine d'arguments pour expliquer et convaincre vos collègues de l'utilité de la méthode Test Driven Development.

Morceaux choisis

Design et TDD

- But I thought TDD meant that you didn't have to design.

Yeah, and: "Love means you never have to say your sorry." What a bunch of horse hockey! We are programmers! We design! We create structures with high cohesion and low coupling. We manage dependencies. We isolate modules. WE. DESIGN.

Les tests nous parlent

Something that is hard to test is badly designed.

- Hmmm. I'm not sure...

Look. Suppose you ask me to write an app to control your grandmother's pacemaker. I agree, and a week later I hand you a thumb-drive and tell you to load it into her controller. Before you do you ask me: "Did you test it?" And my response is: "No, I chose a design that was hard to test."

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